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NILERD Knowledge Resource Centre (KRC) 

The library of this Institute was established in 1962 as a part of the Institute’s academic pursuit in the Indian Institute of Public Administration (IIPA) Campus and it was moved to Narela in 2002 when the Institute was shifted to its new campus. The library was renamed as Knowledge Resources Centre (KRC) w.e.f. 16th July, 2010.

Collection of the KRC

The KRC of the Institute has developed its collection in the form of documentary and electronic resources on manpower and allied subjects. The total number of resources of the KRC is 31,435 as on the financial year 2014-15. The details of the collection is as under:

Documentary Resources (Books & Reports) = 31,150
Electronic Resources (CD-ROM) = 285

The holdings of the KRC may be accessed from the Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) of the Institute through Libsys Software, which is an Intranet-based connectivity. This Institute is an institutional member of the Delnet (Developing Library Network) which is one of the best library networks in India. The bibliographical information about the resources may be accessed across the world through Delnet website using login and password. The KRC receives approximately 80 Journals/Magazines (Indian as well International) and 13 Newspapers periodically.

Online Electronic Resources

  • Indiastat.com (single user)
  • JSTOR (Arts & Sciences VI) consists of 215 Journals.

  • American Journal of Evaluation
  • Economic Development and Cultural Change
  • Economist
  • Economic and Political Weekly
  • Gender & Development
  • Indian Economic Journal (Abstract)
  • Indian Economic Review (Abstract)
  • Indian Journal of Economics (Abstract)
  • Indian Journal of Gender Studies (Abstract)
  • Indian Journal of Industrial Relations
  • International Labour Review
  • Journal of Human Development & Capabilities
  • Journal of Human Resources
  • Man and Development
  • Reserve Bank of Indian Bulletin
  • Science Technology & Society
  • Seminar
  • South Asia Economic Journal
  • South Asian Survey

Library Network

The KRC has an access to the DELNET database which covers Union Catalogue of Books (approx 1 million bibliographic records); Union List of Current Periodicals; Union Catalogue of Periodicals; Database of Periodicals, Articles, etc., which are very useful research tools for the researchers of the Institute.


Library Documentation: The KRC brings out a monthly: “Current Documentation Bulletin” in the form of Current Awareness Service for keeping its readers aware of the latest information related to manpower and allied subjects. It provides bibliographical information about the books/reports/CD-ROM, and articles from journals received in the library. It also contains book reviews and book notes that are prepared after consulting Newspapers, Book Reviews published in Journals, and Publishers’ Catalogues.

Newspaper Clippings Index: Apart from the Current Documentation Bulletin, KRC brings out monthly Newspaper Clippings Index (with Subjects) that is prepared from selected newspapers received in the KRC periodically for providing latest information about manpower research and allied subjects to the researchers.

Article Alerts (With Abstract): The KRC brings out monthly Article Alerts which consist of the latest research articles with abstract to keep researchers updated with the latest research information. The articles have been selected from the Journals received in the KRC during the concerned month.

Library Services: The KRC provides following services to its readers.

Services Mode of Providing Services
Current Awareness Service (CAS) Online & Offline
Newspaper Clippings Service (with subjects) Online & Offline
Reference Service Online & Offline
Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI) Online & Offline
Article Alerts (with abstract) Online & Offline
Inter-Library Loan Offline
Reprography (Photocopy and Printout) Service Offline

Rules of KRC

1. Membership

The KRC is primarily intended for use of the NILERD Staff. Its uses can be extended to any individual/organization either temporarily or for any required period by the Director-General of the Institute. Books and periodicals may be consulted by the outside scholars within the premises. They should, however, enter their names and addresses legibly in a register kept for the purpose.

2. Hours of Working

The KRC will be open on all working days of the institute during the office hours, i.e. 9.00 A.M. to 5.30 P.M. However, its working hours may be altered by the Director-General to suit any training and other programmes.

3. Terms of Loan: Members can borrow KRC materials for the below mentioned periods:
Type of Publications Period of Issue
Books, Reports and Bound Volumes of Journals 30 days
Loose issues of Journals and Newspaper clippings May be borrowed for photocopying. To be returned on the same day.
  • Not more than 5 books and bound volumes of journals can ordinarily be borrowed by a member at a time.
  • Borrowing and return of books shall be done only at the issue counter of the KRC and by the members themselves. However, Officers may, if they so desire, authorize their P.S./Sr. Stenographers/Jr. Stenographers to borrow and return publications on their behalf.
  • No borrowed book can be transferred to another member’s name unless it is brought to the counter.
  • Member shall clear all their outstanding with the KRC on the following occasions:
  • First week of January, April, July and October
  • When the member is going to be absent from the Institute for a month or more.
  • Whenever Stock-Verification takes place.
  • Renewal: The books borrowed by the members can be renewed twice (30 days each time) provided such requests for renewal are received in the KRC on or before the due date. In this situation of non-renewal, a reminder from the library for return of books must be honoured.

4. Inter Library Loan Facilities
  • Members may request for publications from other libraries in Delhi. Publications so borrowed shall be returned within a fortnight from the date of borrowing or within the stipulated time as specified by the lending library.
  • Other libraries and documentation centre may borrow publications from the KRC for a period of 15 days.

5. General Rules
  • The Officer-In-Charge of the Library may recall any publication at any time.
  • In such a case, the member is required to return it positively by the next working day.
  • Readers are required to leave on the reading table all material consulted by them and should not themselves try to replace the publications on shelves.
  • Unless the borrower points out any damage to the publications at the time of borrowing it, he/she shall be responsible for any damage noticed while returning it.

6. Penalties

Readers shall be responsible for the loss of or damage caused to a borrowed publication and will be required to replace it or pay the value thereof. If a unit which is a part of set is damaged or lost, the reader shall be called upon to replace that part of the set if possible or otherwise the whole set. In case of loss of any publication, which the borrower is unable to replace by good copy of that publication, he/she may be required to pay:

  • An additional charge of up to 20 percent of its published price in case of publications purchased.
  • A flat rate of Rs.20/- in case of Indian publications which have been received gratis, if price is not known.
  • A flat rate of Rs. 40/ in case of foreign publications which have been received gratis, if price is not known.
  • A cost of publications (Indian/Foreign) which have been received gratis, if price is known.

Electronic Resource Learning Centre (ERLC):

The Electronic Resource Learning Centre (ERLC) has been established within the KRC in the year 2010 in view of providing seamless dissemination of Electronic Resources to its readers. At present, three latest computers with Internet connectivity are available for the access to online E-Resources.

Contact Numbers of KRC
Documentation Officer
  • 011-27787041(O); 011-27787215-17, Ext. 205
  • KRC Circulation Counter: 011-27787215-17, ext. 203
  • KRC Periodical Section: 011-27787215-17,ext. 202
  • KRC Reference Section: 011-27787215-17,ext. 204
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