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Research forms a core activity of the Institute and includes such efforts as developing methodologies for assessment of stock, forecasting demand for and supply of skills, analytical and theoretical studies on area specific, vocation-group specific, and sector-specific issues and issues relating to human resource development and use. NILERD regularly publishes research reports and seminar proceedings from its various seminars, workshops and conferences. The Institute publishes Manpower Profile India Yearbook which is widely regarded as the most definitive document on all aspects of human capacities covering population characteristics, manpower formation process, base for manpower utilisation and utilisation characteristics, economic returns from manpower utilisation, labour market features, gender issues and international comparisons. The Institute's journal titled, Manpower Journal, is a refereed journal published quarterly from NILERD since 1965. This journal provides a forum for the dissemination of information and research findings on different aspects of manpower, employment and related issues. Original research articles and research notes that fall within the scope of the journal are invited from scholars and practitioners. The Manpower Journal also publishes special issues from time to time.


Some of the current research themes include:


1. Employment and Unemployment

1.Employment Policies and Future of Work

2.Unemployment Profiles and Skills deficits in India and abroad

3.Organized and Unorganized Sectors of Employment

4.Productivity and Wage Policies

5.Labour Absorptive Capacities and Employability

6.Labour Market Analysis - Sectoral and Spatial

7.National and International implications of GATS and TRIPS

2. Human Response Development

1.Human Response Development Processes

2.Education System and Curricula Studies

3.Education/Training of Teachers

3. Science, Technology & Industry

1.Manpower Forecasting

2.Sector-specific and Area-specific Manpower Studies

3.Technology and Employment 4.Productivity

4. Social Sector

1.Institutional Capacity Building and Public-Private Partnerships 2.Adult Education and Continuing Education Initiatives 3.Poverty Alleviation Studies 4.Child Labour Studies 5.Gender Studies
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