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Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) is a powerful public management tool which can be used to improve the way for achieving the results. To achieve the goals of development planning, countries are making massive public investments to stimulate growth in different sectors ensuring creation of employment on the one hand and enhancing the skills endowments of the labour force to raise productivity and income on the other. This surge in public expenditure is accompanied by a concern to make sure that the results of investment of scarce resources are maximized through appropriate monitoring and evaluation to provide enabling environment for better living.  As a result, now–a–days all major development programmes are getting evaluated from time to time.

Thus, Monitoring & Evaluation is an important management function in today’s business, NGO and government landscape. Monitoring and Evaluation systems essentially focus on the tracking and evaluation of performance. Governments, as well as businesses are increasingly challenged to provide evidence for whether their projects or policies are achieving in clearly defined targets and their outcomes and impacts.

M&E is a rapidly evolving discipline with its own theoretical framework, practical procedures, ethical  issues and it is own professional competency requirements. It is also a multi-disciplinary field encompassing areas as wide as economics and statistics, climate change, human rights, sociology etc.

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